How To Open An Urn

How to Open A Wooden Urn

Opening a cremation urn is not something one does every day. It’s a fairly simple process; most of our wooden cremation urns open from the bottom, using four screws. But since it is still helpful to see it done before trying it yourself, here is our video demonstration of how to open a wood urn.


Handy tip

When removing the bottom panel, lightly mark a corner of the panel and the corresponding corner of the urn with a pencil or piece of tape. This will help you put the panel back the same way and ensure that the screw holes line up correctly.

Opening other types of cremation urns

Different types of urns vary in how the ashes compartment is accessed. Most ceramic urns have a threaded lid, while many metal urns have a snap-lock style top plate or a bottom-opening plate affixed with screws like our wooden urns. Some marble urns have a threaded stopper underneath, into which the cremains are poured. Biodegradable urns vary significantly in how they are assembled and in how the ashes are deposited; instructions are included.


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If you have any questions about how to open an urn, how to use an urn for burial, water disposition, or scattering, or if you have concerns about the durability of our urns, please don't hesitate to contact us via phone (877-900-5309) or email.