COVID-19: Yes, We're Open

Like all of you, our business has been affected by COVID-19, also known as the coronavirus, and the swiftly changing quarantines and safety regulations.

But we're still open, and we're here for you in this difficult time.

Because much of our company is family-run, the disruptions to our production and delivery times has been minimal. While prioritizing the safety of our employees, we are still able to produce orders and get them shipped out to you in a very timely way.

Our customer service specialists are here, too, ready to answer your questions and help you with anything you need.

Questions You May Have

Are you open? Have your hours changed?

Yes, we are open, and no, our hours have not changed. We are still available by phone or email during typical weekday business hours. This can vary a bit, as we, too, are juggling travel restrictions and kids home from school. But your needs are very important to us, and, like always, we strive to answer the phone whenever possible and reply to phone, voice, or text messages as quickly as possible.

Do you still offer all your products?

Yes. We make many of our products in-house, while others are made by small shops and artisans throughout the USA and a few are kept in distribution centers. For the most part, our employees, urn-crafting artists, and distributors have been able to keep going throughout the pandemic.

However, as you can guess, these things change by the day, so please contact us if you have questions about a specific product. If something that you order is no longer available or significantly delayed, we will let you know ASAP.

Are production times delayed?

For the most part, yes. At least a little. Again, things may change rapidly, but for now production times are mostly within normal limits but can often go 2-3 days longer with production time, and also 1-5 days longer on delivery times.

This means, if we list production time as "2-5 business days," things are trending towards a 3-8 business day production rather than the 2-3 or even "above and beyond" 1 day production time we strive for. We are unable to change the listings for thousands of products each week, so please be aware that your order can run several days longer than advertised.

See each product page for product-specific production times. Some products may take additional time, as things are constantly in flux.

Are shipping times delayed?

Yes... kind of. Just like you, we order things online. We've found that some of the things we buy online arrive on time or even ahead of time, while others take that extra 2, 3, 4 (etc) days to arrive.

It's the same for shipments of our products delivered to you. We use the same "big 3" shippers (USPS, FedEx, and UPS) that pretty much everyone uses. Often your order will arrive on time, but sometimes it will take a few extra days. We ask that you use common sense and common courtesy regarding shipment and delivery times.

Sometimes, the shipping carriers get overwhelmed and we've seen packages take 2-3 weeks for delivery. That is the exception, not the norm, but during this strange season we ask that you take that possibility into account and understand that everyone is doing the best they can. From small businesses like us to massive shipping conglomerates, we're all adapting and working hard to serve you.


Contact us at 877-900-5309, we're here to help.