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Step 1. Answer 4 quick and easy questions to get started.

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1. What's the one most important factor in your cruise holiday planning?

Select one of the options below.

    • Destinations

    Destinations Know where you want to go? Select this option if this is the most important factor in planning your cruise.

    Most Important
    • Dates & Pricing

    Dates & Pricing Know when you want to go? Select this option if you need to travel at a specific time.

    Most Important
    • Accommodation

    Accommodation Know what stateroom features you want? Select this option if this is the most important factor in your trip.

    Most Important
    • Things To Do

    Things To Do Know what you want to do? Select this option to look for activities you enjoy.

    Most Important

2. Which experiences best describe your ideal cruise holiday?

Add up to 3 interests below for your cruise experience

    • Adventure

    Adventure Adrenaline. Thrills. Excitement. New heights. New discoveries.

    • Romance

    Romance Activities good for couples. Share the experience. Time well spent, together.

    • Relaxing

    Relaxing Easy. Restful. Pampering. Feed your soul.

    • Family Fun

    Family Fun Activities your family can share. We'll make it easy to bring the kids.

    • Culturally Meaningful

    Culturally Meaningful Explore local art, music and history - past and present.

    • Dining & Entertainment

    Dining & Entertainment Sample and savour culinary delights. Experience shows and performances.

    • Shopping

    Shopping Have time to browse on your own. Leisure time to explore shops.

    • Wildlife & Nature

    Wildlife & Nature Nature hikes, trails, chance to experience wildlife.

3. Do you have accommodation preferences?

Click left, right or centre on the spectrum to tell us your preference.

  • View Is a stateroom with a view important to you?

    • More Important
    • Less Important
    • No Preference
  • Space Do you need a little or a lot of space?

    • Cozy
    • More Roomy
    • No Preference
  • Location Do you like to be in the midst of the action or a little further away?

    • Close to the action
    • More Secluded
    • No Preference

4. Are you looking for a specific port of departure?

Choose one or more ports of departure.

    • Departure Ports in North America
    • Baltimore, Maryland
    • Boston, Massachusetts
    • Galveston, Texas
    • Honolulu, Oahu
    • Los Angeles, California
    • Miami, Florida
    • New Orleans, Louisiana
    • New York, New York
    • Orlando & Beaches (Port Canaveral)
    • Québec City, Québec
    • San Diego, California
    • San Francisco, California
    • San Juan, Puerto Rico
    • Seattle, Washington
    • Seward, Alaska
    • Tampa, Florida
    • Vancouver, British Columbia
    • Departure Ports in Europe
    • Amsterdam, Netherlands
    • Athens (Piraeus), Greece
    • Barcelona, Spain
    • Berlin (Warnemünde), Germany
    • Copenhagen, Denmark
    • London (Southampton), England
    • Rome (Civitavecchia), Italy
    • Stockholm, Sweden
    • Venice, Italy
    • Departure Ports in South America
    • Buenos Aires, Argentina
    • Panama City (Colón), Panama
    • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    • Santiago (San Antonio), Chile
    • Departure Ports In Africa, Asia & Australia
    • Auckland, New Zealand
    • Dubai, United Arab Emirates
    • Hong Kong, China
    • Papeete, Tahiti, French Polynesia
    • Singapore, Singapore
    • Sydney, Australia
    • Tokyo (Yokohama), Japan
    • Tokyo, Japan
  • To continue, answer at least one question from above
  • Destinations